10 Best Motion Graphics Studios

Irina Kegishyan
5 min readMay 11, 2020

Motion graphics can be designed as animated graphic design although many motion graphics videos focus on the text as the major ingredient. But it is true if we define the motion graphic as the animated version of the graphic design.

With the high demand of motion graphics animation for the businesses, many motion graphics studios offer motion graphics services.

Companies use motion graphics for promotion, ads, brand awareness, product demonstrations, and so on. If you have come across this offer somewhere, there’s a huge chance that you’ve considered hiring a motion graphic studio to make an amazing video for you or your product.If that’s the case, you will want to choose to work with the best company in the field.

Don’t waste your time and see these best motion graphics studios below.

Yans Media

Yans Media is slated as one of the best motion graphics studios because of its expertise and portfolio which involves big companies and organizations.

The company claims to focus on Explainer Video Production and Motion graphics. But they can go beyond to match their customers’ preferences.

In the example video, the animated video explains about SilkRoad, an international logistic service. The video content is crystal clear and appealing. It could engage the viewers in such a way to make them curious about the service and company brand.

Flatwhite Motion

Flatwhite Motion is a China-based company which has a creative studio team whose specialties are animation and motion graphics.

The company consists of graphic designers, artists, as well as animators. These three categories are working together to create such cool motion graphics. You can easily see their portfolio on their official site.

In the sample moving graphics video, it is about the explanation of how annual leave works. The 2D motions are fantastic. The designers only use 2 shades of blue color, but it is already vibrant.


Mowe is a creative digital agency that focuses on animation and motion graphics animation. They work well with the big and popular clients in the market.

Every project that they’ve done has different marketing challenges and they are ready to use their seniors’ animation skills to solve the client’s challenges. They claim to work on everything from art direction, script, storyboard, design, animation, illustration, as well as sound design.

The motion graphics animation video sample explains how recycling works. The video is intended for kids as the main audience, which explains why there are a lot of fun elements in the video.

Picnic Studio

Picnic Studio is a motion design studio which is based in London. The company claims to focus on filming, televising, and online-based video content.

They don’t outsource the skills from other companies. Rather, they work with an in-house team that consists of artists, graphic designers, animators, as well as filmmakers.

In the moving graphics video sample, Picnic Studio made the motion graphics animation for Travel Channel. The video shows Traveller’s Etiquette. It clearly explains the audiences about dos and don’ts when traveling the globe.

IV Studio

IV Studio is a medium-sized studio that consists of graphic designers, illustrators, animators, and scriptwriters. They have been around in the market for a while. You can see their relevant experience from the ample portfolio page they share on the official site. Operating in Nashville, TN, the studio has worked with top names like Netflix, Amazon, etc.

This example video “Career in a Year” was produced in less than a month. That is pretty fast for this kind of video that includes the meetings, developing, scriptwriting, script revision, as well as the moving graphics video creation.

Treat Studios

Treat Studios is a motion design studio based in Hackney, London. The creative team focuses on creating animated content with motion graphics animation style. It is indeed one of the best motion graphics because there are tons of positive feedback regarding this company in the online community. Treat Studios has been prevalent in making engaging videos of huge household brands. The portfolio page in their site revolves around animation and motion graphics such as Vodafone’s advertising.

Studio Fillem

Studio Fillem is one of the most influential motion graphics studios in Europe. The company is operating in Roosendaal, Netherlands. They focus on different kinds of moving graphics services such as social media videos, explanation animations, education videos, promotional videos, product animations, and many others.

The Video sample is about the education of the production process of the recycled yarns of Hoooked. You can see in every transition of the video, there’s something different in the parts of the objects. They have done the motion graphics animation meticulously.


Studiotale has been the workmate for many different businesses regardless of their sizes. Whether you have a small to medium-sized business, it is definitely the motion design studio to reach for the best motion graphics quality.

They claimed to have created 350 videos for over 150 companies around the world. The moving graphics video they show here is the video for Cuddles Foundation who launched Food Heals App. It is about the app which allows the users to figure out the foods which are good to eat with their medicines.


The founders of Lemons are Andrew Kozik and Vlad Gindin. They are the ex-staffs of Lemon Digital. The company has been operating since 2013 and has contributed to tons of motion graphics studios for big companies like Unicef, Google, Fiverr, AppsFlyer, Voxbone, and so on.

They are expertise in 2D and 3D motion graphics animation.

The sample video here is about Emeals UA Video with fantastic custom illustrations. The team makes all of the elements from scratches.


Device is easy to remember. It is a creative motion design studio that focuses on animation. The team consists of illustrators, directors, animators, designers, as well as music composers. Based in Barcelona, the company has been operating since 2011.

The video is about VIACOM — Velocity. It is the real blend of 3d and 2d. The opening showcases real people combined with 2d elements, which make the video more fun. The surprising intro will hook the audiences to the end of the video.


The list of best motion graphics studios above will save you a lot of time from exploring your options out there. If you like the videos featured in this post, don’t hesitate to reach out to these motion graphics studios and share your ideas with them.



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